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Pablo Cúbico is a rock, fusion jazz, and free improvisation guitarist/multi-instrumentalist and composer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

His career spans across more than 10 years, starting with rock bands in his hometown (Rosario), then moving to the underground rock scene, the free improvisation/free jazz realm, and lately into some fusion jazz. He plays mostly guitars, keyboards, synths, and experiments with any other digital, virtual or acoustic instruments.

After going briefly through both the conservatory and the university, decided to leave the academic path and take the self-taught road, but continuing to study music deeply and passionately taking private lessons with many teachers (in no particular order): jazz, language, improvisation and theory with Marcelo Moguilevsky, Juan Carlos “Mono” Fontana, Leo Genovese, Ernesto Snajer, George Garzone, Peter Bernstein, Justin Purtill, Carlos Lastra, Germán Lamonega, Sebastián Stecher, Cristoph Gallio, Andrew Drury, Alan Courtis, ATOMIC (Fredrik Ljungkvist, Magnus Broo, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Hans Hulbækmo); production, songwriting and performance with Juan Ibarlucía, Ignacio Cruz; film music with Guillermo Guareschi, Tomás Murmis, Hernán Pérez, Martín Delgado, Marisol Gentile; tango composition/arrangement/performance with Diego Schissi, Julián Peralta, Enrique Gule, orchestral conduction with Jorge Rotter.

He began playing in small venues with his first rock bands (w/ Nieves Rossell). Then took part in different projects such as OPO (w/ Leandro Buissón, Diego Zato, Jorge Flores), an alternative rock band with at least 10 years of activity. At the same time, he became more involved and interested in free improvisation, participating in different concerts in Rosario and Buenos Aires (w/ Gonzalo Rimoldi, Luciana Bass, Luis Conde), and lately, after moving to Buenos Aires, into jazz and fusion jazz, playing in the "colombian fusion jazz" Orbits (w/ Javier Tafur from Colombia).

He is currently recording solo pieces for a recording ensamble merging some of his influences into a stylistic pursue.